CG-2 Mini-Groover

CG-2 Mini-Groover

Easy to Use, Compact Grooving Machine.

Useful for creating textured anti-slip areas for improved traction.

Electric Powered

 Diesel Powered

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CG-2 Mini Groover

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  • CG-2 Mini Groover


  • Compact and manuverable machine that can be used for grooving applications
  • Great for trenchwork and prodjects where large machines cannot access
  • Self-propelled hydrostatic transmission
  • Heavy duty construction to handle big jobs
  • Power raise and lower system
  • Upcut grinding head rotation
  • Accepts 12” blades
Model # Engine/Capacity

Grinding Head Capacity (width)

Part # Cat # Weight
CG-2E30 30HP (22.31 kW), 460Volt Lincoln®

16" (40.64cm)

5803007 08985 1,800
CG-2E30 30HP (22.31 kW), 575Volt Lincoln®

16" (40.64cm)

5803020 34824 1,820
 CG-249KT4 49 HP Kubota Diesel  16" (40.64cm)   CG249KT4 04345  2,800

Horsepower and torque as rated by the motor manufacturer.

Blades and spacers sold separately.

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