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Diamond Blade Tips & Helpful Hints

Be sure to always apply grease to the grease points on your saw after every full day of use.

Our Dry Vacuum Hole Saw is great for use in environments like hospitals, where little or no dust is required.

The DVH bit has a 1.250-12 thread and must be used with the dry vacuum swivel - Part # - 4400125

If you are developing segment cracks, you are using a bond too hard for the material being cut.

  • Purchase a softer bond
  • Ease up on the feed pressure

When core drilling, if the core becomes stuck in the bit, remove the core bit from the motor and push a steel rod through to release the core.

Or purchase a core catcher - Part # - 4400327

Is the water you are using for keeping your bit cool freezing in the cold weather?

Add polyethylene polyglycol in the water tank.

Saw slows down in the cut?

  • Check RPM settings compared to blade.
  • Saw may need tuned up.
  • Belts may need adjusted.

Blade wobbles?

  • Check the blade flange and tighten flange nut.
  • Some blades can be knocked out of tension if thrown or dropped. Loss of tension can result in blades that wobble.

Do you have a new walk behind blade and don't see the drive pin hole?

Flip the blade over and you will find it under the blade label.

Proper core rig alignment is necessary for good bit life. This means the rig must be properly anchored.

  • A core rig can be anchored with concrete anchors, vacuum pump or a ceiling jack.

When wet core drilling, the right amount of water is very important. Too much or too little water can affect drilling.

As you are drilling, the water and slurry mixture coming out of the hole should look like heavily-creamed coffee.

If a blade stops cutting and looks 'glazed' over, it may be too hard for the material being cut.

Try using a softer bond specification to solve the problem.

When trying to determine what bond to use follow these guidelines.

  • Use something hard to cut something soft, use something soft to cut something hard.
  • Start in the middle, then adjust
  • Never say no. Diamond Products offers customized bonds for almost any application.

Diamond Blade Label

Diamond Blade labels.

What's A Diamond Blade Made Of?

What a Diamond Blade is made of.