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M-2 Stands Only

M-2 core drill stand are heavy duty for larger jobs and great for the professional driller.  Features and four-spoke handle and 2-7/8" precision made, chrome plated square column for extra durability.

Offered in a variety of base styles:

  • Combination with vacuum/anchor base

  • Combination angle

  • Small anchor

  • Large anchor web base

  • Angle anchor

Add a core drill motor to create your custom rig system: Motors

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M-2 Combo

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  • M-2 Anchor
  • M-2 Anchor Angle
  • M-2 Combo Angle
  • M-2 Combo
  • M-2 Large Anchor with Web Base
M-2 Core Drill Stands Only
Description Part # Cat #
M-2 Combination 4241055 01700
M-2 Combination with roller carriage 4241058 01703
M-2 Combination for Weka, CB733 & CB744 4243053 77218
M-2 Combination Angle 4241056 01702
M-2 Anchor 4241100 01714
M-2 Anchor for Weka, CB733 & CB744 4243054 77045
M-2 Large Anchor with Web Base 4241064 01708
M-2 Anchor Angle 4241110 01717

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