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TBG134 Bridge Deck Groover

The TBG134 Bridge Deck Groover delivers more productivity, reduced grooving costs and less downtime. Redesigned hydraulics for maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Diesel Powered


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TBG134 Bridge Deck Groover

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• Removable seat and flip up operators platform

• Night operation light package

• Safety strobe lights

• Adjustable carriage travel limit switches

• Lift eyes

• 90 gallon fuel capacity allows for up to 10 hours of operation

• Power steering

• Rear crab steer allows for operation in small areas

• Grooves within 12” (34.48cm) of curb or barrier wall

Engine: Caterpillar C4.4 174HP (129.7Kw) @ 2200rpm turbocharged/intercooled electronically controlled diesel engine. Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU stage IV emission requirements. Fuel consumption is approximately 9gph (34 LPH)
Fuel Capacity: 90 gallon (370L) diesel fuel
Tank Capacity: 70 gallon (259L) hydraulic oil
Dimensions: Length 8ft (2.44 meters), Width 8ft, 2in (2.47 meters), Height 10ft (3.04 meters), Weight 12,500lbs (26,400kg)
Cutting Width: 39in (99.06cm)
Blade Diameter: 12in (30.48cm)

Part #: TBG134, Catalog #: 90172

A switch is provided on the control panel which causes the rear drive wheels to pivot to 28 degrees. A quick turn of the steering wheel to full left lock positions the front wheels at the same 28 degrees. This allows the TBG134 to “crab” sideways while backing up and remain parallel to the previously cut grooves. The TBG134 can thus groove in a 12’ wide lane and realign for the next pass in one backward movement.

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